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Not Draining - No Accessory Drain Pump Installed - Ice Maker

Possible Solutions

Is the correct type of drain being used?

  • Gravity Drain Systems

Gravity drain systems are used when a nearby floor drain is available and must not have low points where water can settle. The floor drains must be large enough to accommodate drainage from all drains.

  • Drain Pump Systems

A drain pump is designed to pump water to a maximum height of 10 ft (3 m) and is necessary when a floor drain is not available. Use only Whirlpool approved drain pump kit part number 1901A. Some models come with the drain pump already equipped, if your ice maker didn't come with a drain pump, and it is needed, it can be purchased as an accessory.

This accessory is available for purchase. Locate the accessories page in the menu above.

Is the drain hose properly aligned over the drain?

Ensure the drain hose is aligned properly over the drain. If it's not properly aligned, it could cause leaking and draining issues. Move the ice maker to align the drain. See “Connecting to Water Supply" in the Owner's Manual, for specific information for your model.

Was the correct drain hose installed?

Verify the correct drain hose has been installed on the ice maker.  We recommend only using the kink-resistant drain hose that is supplied with the product. A 10 ft. the corrugated drain hose must be used when installing the optional drain pump accessory kit.  If the correct drain hose is not used it could cause low ice production, no ice production and can also cause no power or intermittent power to the ice maker.


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