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Door Not Closing Properly - Ice Maker

Possible Solutions

Is the ice maker level?

It is important for the ice maker to be level in order to work properly and for the door to close correctly. Depending upon where you install the ice maker, you may need to make several adjustments to level it. You may also use the leveling legs to lower the height of the ice maker for under counter installations.

CLICK HERE for more information on how to level the ice maker 

Is the ice scoop blocking the door?

Check to make sure the ice scoop is not preventing the door from properly closing.  Ensure the ice scoop is properly seating in the holder. 

Was the door swing reversed during installation?

If the door swing was reversed during installation check to make sure the door catch was also reversed.  The door catch will help make sure the door stays properly closed. 

Ice Maker - Door Catch.jpg

Does the door gasket seem dirty or sticky?

The gasket needs to be cleaned regularly in order for the door to open and close properly. Dirt and other particles can build up on the gasket surface and can cause resistance. Check the door gasket to ensure it is clean and free from particles.

To clean the gasket we recommend using warm water and mild soap or detergent. Wipe and dry. We recommend using a clean micro fiber cloth or a soft clean cloth to polish and dry.  Using paper towels may scratch and/or dull the clear coat of the painted door.


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