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Cleaning Light Blinking - Ice Maker

Possible Solutions

Does the Ice Maker need to be cleaned?

The ice-making system and the air-cooled condenser need to be cleaned regularly for the ice maker to operate at peak efficiency and to avoid premature failure of system components.

It is recommended that you clean the ice Maker when the "Cleaning Needed" or  "Cleaning Cycle" button is illuminated, after 9 months or if ice production has decreased significantly.  

Minerals that are removed from water during the freezing cycle will eventually form a hard scaly deposit in the water system.  Cleaning the system regularly helps remove the mineral scale buildup.  How often you need to clean the system depends on how hard your water is, for harder water, you may need to clean the system as often as every 6 months.

Ice Maker - Cleaning Needed Light.png

Was the clean cycle interrupted or stopped?

  • The  Clean button will continue to blink, during the Clean Cycle, indicating that the cleaning cycle is in process. If the cycle is interrupted the Clean Light will continue to blink, press the "Clean" button to resume the cycle.  The display on the ice maker will change to "Cleaning Complete" when the cycle has finished. 
  • When the “Cleaning Complete” light is illuminated (approximately 70 - 90 minutes), the cleaning cycle is complete. 

Ice Maker - Clean Light.png

Restart the Ice Maker

If the above troubleshooting has not been successful try restarting the Ice Maker, by either unplugging the ice maker or turning off power to the ice maker at the fuse or circuit breaker. This will reset the controls on the ice maker. If the Cleaning indicator remains on after restarting the Ice Maker, press the "Clean" button so the cycle can complete. 


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